Coconut Rum Mango Orange Sorbet

This is the first of my alcoholic drink recipes. Of course as a college student I am aware of the importance; it's something that you will detach parts of your vehicle to find hidden quarters if textbooks have you broke. I don't know why I didn't post one of these earlier. I suppose I've been enjoying too much of the girly goodness of Mike's Hard too much this summer.

For this drink you will fill your glass of choice halfway with Coconut Malibu Rum (my absolute favorite hard liquor). Add a splash of fruit juice. My favorite juice to mix with Malibu is peach mango Fuze. Any flavor of Fuze works wonderfully though. These two things are what I usually drink, but for fun I made it into a fancy drink last night. Add about 2 heaping tablespoons of orange sherbet, then a splash of Sprite Zero and this will help melt your sherbet. Now you have an alcoholic sherbet float!

If you buy Stop & Shop sherbet it's really cheap. I got two containers for $3 the last time I went. Malibu is a not a cheap rum but I spring for it because it tastes so damn good; it goes for about the same price as a bottle of Smirnoff but I like it a whole lot more.

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