Honey Mustard

I am personally a huge fan of honey mustard. I hate buying dressings, however; because they never have the right honey-to-mustard ratio. One day I discovered a simple recipe on the back of an english muffin package.

Basically, it's two parts mayo, one part honey and one part mustard. I found it works the best with Grey Poupon or other spicy mustards. So if you have all three of these things in your apartment, you can make honey mustard instead of buying it! Plus you can make it as honey-y or mustard-y as you want.

The rest of the recipe was great too. Take maybe 1/4 cup of chicken (I like to make this when I have chicken leftovers because you don't need a lot and it's quick if the chicken is pre-cooked) and throw it in a pan on medium heat. Mix about half of the honey mustard you have just made in with the chicken until the chicken has absorbed the dressing. Meanwhile, toast the english muffin (or even better, toast it in the pan after the chicken is done). Pour the other half of your honey mustard over the english muffin. Then top with the chicken and some lettuce, and you have a great meal!

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