Splash of Heaven

Ever make fruit salad and a few weeks later after sitting in the back of your fridge you are left with a mushy mess? Well that's what happened to Nicole (my roommate!) and I. And from it came one of the best drinks we've ever had. Literally. It was THAT good. The fruit gives it a really fresh flavor. I can't really describe it to you. You just need to make it.

1/3 cup fruit salad (ours was strawberry, pineapple, cantaloupe, watermelon and orange)
2 shots (16oz) of Smirnoff Melon
splash of fruit juice (the juice that gathers at the bottom of your fruit salad)
splash of tonic water

Put the fruit in the bottom of your glass and add juice, vodka and tonic. Use the back of a spoon to squish the fruit as much as you can. Stir and add ice. For a weaker drink, add more tonic.


  1. Dude this sounds awesome, I'm definitely trying it. Do you think it'd still taste good with Smirnoff Watermelon?

  2. I bet it would be good with any fruity flavored vodka. Try and and let me know how it comes out!

  3. omg that sounds DELICIOUS! nice name :)