Sweet and Savory Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

I don't get it. I went grocery shopping a week ago, and bought about $40 worth of stuff. For me. One person. And somehow most of it already appears to be gone. I can NOT afford to spend that much a week on myself for food! I'm going to go broke. Granted, most of it was a gift card, so I can't really complain yet.
Recipes like these are what comes from not wanting pasta for the thousandth day in a row. No matter how  many different delicious ways there are to make pasta, it just gets tiring after a while. I can only handle it a few times a week.

1 slice cinnamon raisin bread
1 egg
1 slice American cheese
maple syrup
ground pepper

Toast bread to preferred darkness. Meanwhile, cook egg over easy. Once one side of the egg has cooked, flip it and place the slice of cheese on top so that it melts while the egg finishes cooking. Top with maple syrup and pepper.                  

This might sound like a weird combo. It was actually quite delicious. It reminds me of something Dunkin Donuts once had, with maple syrup filled waffles hugging a breakfast sandwich, or something like that. I never tried it, but I figured the sweet and the savory had to be good together, and well, it is.


  1. Acacia, I am reading a great book right now called "America's Cheapest Family" by Steve and Annette Economides. It has an awesome chapter on grocery shopping I think you would appreciate. Their second book (which I will get to when I am done with the first) is all about food. It's called "Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half." Have a very happy birthday!

  2. Thanks! Those books sound useful. There was recently a special on TV called Extreme Couponing and it was so inspiring. These people were buying $600 worth of groceries but after their coupons were added it only cost them $2!