I have a question for you

Do you ever have dreams where you think up something brilliant? You tell yourself that you need to remember it for the morning because it was extremely important. Then you wake up and either you've forgotten it or it is a really silly idea in a waking state. That happens to me all the time.

This time I remembered, and when I did remember I didn't think it was that awful of an idea. I don't know what caused me to think of this, but it's really got me thinking now.

My blog title would sound so much better if it was merely "Too Poor for Groceries".

Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's stupid. That's why I need your help. Give me your input.

I'm also worried that some people might be attached to the name and not want to have to remember the change when searching for it on Facebook or something. But for Twitter, well 2poor4groceries is already the name.

Please comment or vote to the right!

1 comment:

  1. Do what you think is best. My opinion probably wouldn't count for much, because my blog background and name has stayed the same for 5 years! Does that mean I don't like change?